Remember your Horse Story

It is with much sadness and a heavy heart that I write this to my friends and family. I had to have Katie put down yesterday. On 7/15 she was running loose in the arena and WHACKED her rear pastern on the metal upright post of the fence. At the moment I saw it happen my heart fell to my feet as I knew it was going to be grave, the concussion was just to hard…….

I had a vet come out to take x-rays yesterday, 28th, and he found that the bone was shattered in many pieces, this is not a fixable thing…….I had to make that last decision to end her life……she was only 14yrs.

I was hoping that we would grow old together, but it was not meant to be, I did have 10 years with her.

Here she is in the start of her career as a riding horse….

This is her when she helped Santa Claus deliver presents…

And here she is at 14yrs old…still fit and beautiful….

​She WILL be a tough act to follow, she had so much talent.
Run free over the Rainbow Bridge Katie!

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