Quality of Life Assessment

As your pet ages or faces health challenges, you may not be sure how to keep him or her comfortable. As a vet with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Tiffany will fully assess your pet’s condition and give you a comprehensive read on its current quality of life. She will review the patient’s history, lab test results, radiographs, medications, mobility, and appetite as well as your current experience of your animal’s health. You can be confident that she will thoroughly review your pet’s condition, and provide the professional guidance you need at this time.

In some cases, additional treatment options may be revealed, including those in the arena of holistic medicine. In others, it may be confirmed that your pet is best served by using the information to develop a hospice plan …or in some cases, by saying goodbye in the most peaceful way possible.

This assessment may be done using telemedicine or in the home. Multiple articles and research studies have shown that cortisol and stress hormones are elevated when your pet has to get in a car and go to the vet. It is a much more peaceful and stress-free experience if he or she is evaluated for end of life decisions, in the calm comfort of the home environment. In addition, other pets and family members can be present to aid in the experience or history.