Pet Loss

We are here to support every aspect of your pet loss concerns. We know how hard this time can be for you, your family and your beloved pet.

Our support starts the moment you are considering the condition of your older or ill animal. We know that your beloved pet is a member of the family, and has offered you a lifetime of unconditional love and acceptance. They deserve the best when they cannot help themselves.

We address every question and concern you have about your pet’s quality of life now and in the near future. We will also be there, helping them over the Rainbow Bridge when the time is right, and holding a space for your feelings.

One of the hardest parts of losing a pet is not knowing what they are feeling, what they would want you to do, or how to comfort them.

To this end we have an experienced animal communicator who is able to connect directly with your pet, get their input and ease any anxiety that they may have. In addition, messages may be transmitted from your pet–things that he or she would want you to know,

Our expert animal communicator is professional, credible and makes saying goodbye an unforgettable experience of love and tenderness.

Often people are surprised by the depth and intensity of feelings after a loss of their furry best friend. There can be unanticipated interruptions of sleep, eating and even work. The adjustment can be harder than you think, so we will make sure you are completely supported, cared for, and respected through the entire bereavement process.