Our Philosophy

I believe every pet is a family member with a special place in our hearts
As the years have gone on it’s become my mission to make this connection as strong and loving as possible.

Our animals have deep, meaningful emotions that run the same spectrum as those of humans. These emotions impact healing in both the pet and the person, and thus have formed the human animal bond
Death is just a transition…when animal moves on; is unable to stay with us any longer… we make the transition painless and as easy as possible.We can offer this thanks to them for the years of unconditional love and companionship they have given us.

Pets teach us how to gracefully move from one form to another and how to deal with our own grief better. Animals come to us as teachers, and one of the lessons is about how to gracefully move through loss
Even though it’s painful, it is a huge contribution for us as humans to be charged with the honor of caring for, loving and losing a pet…my favorite quote about this loss is: “They lived, they loved, they laughed and they left.” Dr. Tiffany