Home Euthanasia

If it is “time,” and your beloved pet has come to the end of his or her life, Dr. Tiffany will be there to “give them their wings.” She will come to your home, so your pet will be in a safe, comfortable and familiar environment. We encourage you to bring, toys, favorite blankets and favorite treats to your pet’s farewell. This way they leave with comfort and a peaceful heart. We also encourage any music, prayer, or other loving ritual that connects you, your family and your pet together. There are beautiful ways to memorialize your friend. Goodbye My Angel makes saying goodbye an unforgettable experience of love and tenderness. You may contact us for a more detailed description of the actual process of home euthanasia.

A gentle sedative is given under the skin in the same location as a vaccine; and within 5-10 minutes your beloved pet falls into a deep, peaceful sleep so restful that nothing is felt after this time. Once into the very deep sedation sleep, a final, intravenous injection is given-one that is completely painless. All body functions cease within under a minute with no awareness on the part of your pet. The entire procedure is performed with the utmost respect for you and your beloved pet. At Goodbye My Angel we will honor your wishes and handle all of your final arrangements regarding aftercare.