Bereavement: Self-Care and Family Dynamics

Often people are surprised by the depth and intensity of feelings after a loss of their furry best friend. There can be unanticipated interruptions of sleep, eating and even work. The adjustment can be harder than you think, so we will make sure you are completely supported, cared for, and respected through the entire bereavement process. We understand this and have qualified, expert support available for you during this time.

Sandra Grossman’s

connection with animals comes from growing up surrounded by pets and getting to learn the lessons they shared with her. She has her Ph.D in Organizational Psychology and spent 20 years working in the business sector helping companies solve problems on both the client and customer side. It was the loss of her Siamese cat “Mazel Tov” to lymphoma and her own need to heal that caused her to change career directions and enter the field of Pet Loss Support. Mazel Tov had been by her side as her best friend for 17 years and seen her through many of life’s challenges, including the loss of both of her parents, and his loss left a huge hole in her life.

It was Mazel’sloss that lead her to the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement and it was through the APLB that she received her certification as a Pet Loss & Bereavement Counselor. Currently, Sandra serves as their West Coast Vice President and Co-Host of the Thursday night West Coast Chat Room. In addition to her work with the APLB, Sandra joined with her associate Ellie Freedman to form Pet Loss Partners. Pet Loss Partners offers support in the form of individual and group counseling to those pet parents who are either anticipating a loss or have recently lost a beloved pet. Sandra currently runs groups in Glendale, West LA and the South Bay area.

In addition to her work in helping pet parents, Sandra and her associate Ellie, are also Certified Compassion Fatigue Educators. They provide those in the Veterinary and Animal Care Professionals with workshops designed to help them cope with the effects of Compassion Fatigue. Sandra firmly believes that it was the lessons she learned from Mazel Tov and Kali (her beloved cat she lost in 2012) that have guided her to find her passion of supporting both pet parents and Veterinary/Animal Care professionals. She currently lives with her 2 beautiful cats, Jeter and Faith, who continue to share their own special lessons and gifts with her on a daily basis.